Here are 7 easy ways to set up your iPad or phone for stop motion

Keeping the camera still is important when you are making a stop motion animation.

2D Stop motion: How to set up for downshooting

With 2D stop motion you need the camera overhead which can be tricky to keep your device still and stable.

There are a variety of ways you can do downshooting with an iPad or phone.

You could use a tripod with a special mount, a table clamp stand or even a sturdy music stand.

If you are looking for a DIY solution that doesn’t involve spending any extra money, you can improvise with a chair or stool that has slats or holes that you can position the camera over.

IKEA have a cheap stool (MARIUS) with holes in it that you could put on top of your table as a stand.

Or, you could use a pile of books – with a heavy book on top to keep your device secure.

Another thing you could use is a cupboard shelf. This is one I got at a bargain shop – it works well for an iPad. Just be aware of where you position your lights, if using, as it can cast a shadow on what you’re animating.

3D Stop motion: How to set up your iPad or phone

Setting up for 3D stop motion animation is easier as you just need to have your device pointing at the table.

You can use a bought stand or tripod. For a low budget DIY solution you can build your own stand with LEGO bricks and a baseboard.

Add a strip of foam or thick fabric to protect your iPad and to help stabilise it. To ensure it does not move, use masking tape (or a blob of blutack under each corner) to attach the baseboard to the table.

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