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StopMoGo makes stop motion accessible to all, fusing animation techniques with fun activities and engaging themes.

Hundreds of budding animators have been enjoying StopMoGo workshops since 2010.

Now, Emma is also bringing them to you ONLINE!

Emma at StopMoGo

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With a variety of topics you can build skills, enrich the school curriculum, and learn how to make your own super stop motion films.

We loved watching the fruits of his labour and have also learned more about stop motion animation than we knew before.
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You clearly love what you do! The workshop was packed with ideas, activities and props to make every minute fun and interesting!
testimonial 2
I really can’t thank you enough – thoroughly enjoyed by all. It was lovely see them create something so brilliant in just a couple of hours.
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Here you can get answers to your questions.

Also known as stop frame, stop motion animation brings objects (and people, see pixilation below) to life.

In essence, you move your object a small amount, take a photo (known as a frame), move it a bit more, take another photo…and keep going like that! When you play the pictures back in a sequence it tricks your brain into thinking it’s a moving image. The standard is 12 frames per second (fps). That’s why stop motion can take a long time – one frame is just a twelfth of a second! Professional animators will often shoot at 24 fps, so that’s double the amount of work!

Pixilation is a form of stop motion that uses people as ‘living puppets’.

Stop motion animation truly is magic in the real world, and there are no limits to your creativity!

Anyone can do StopMoGo’s workshops – from total beginners and up! So, if you’ve never done stop motion before, or if you have made a few films, you’ll find them beneficial. The activities cover a wide range of techniques and materials. With all of StopMoGo’s different themes there’s always something new. Also, there’s lots of scope for your creativity within the activities.

All of StopMoGo’s workshops are created by artist and animator Emma, a former teacher, who uses her experience to create activities that:

  • teach a variety of stop motion skills
  • are achievable in a short amount of time
  • enable you to produce quality films
  • allow lots of scope for your creativity
  • have interesting themes
  • and are fun!

Hundreds of budding animators, both children and adults alike, have enjoyed StopMoGo workshops, after school clubs, and events since 2010. What you’re getting with the online courses is the result of many years of refinement!

StopMoGo workshops are designed with basic materials in mind, plus things you’re likely to already have about the house. Additional items you may need to purchase, such as plasticine and paper fasteners, are low-cost. You might find this blog post helpful.

For some of the workshops you will need access to a printer (this noted is on the course description).

All workshops come with a guide on equipment, software, apps, and how to make your own tabletop studio.

Absolutely! Why should kids have all of the fun?! 😉 Whilst the workshops are not for people looking for tuition at a professional animation studio level, they are a fantastic starting point that will quickly lead to developing your skills and creativity. Emma has run many workshops for adults, you’re in good hands!

The workshops will enable you to make films for fun that you can share on social media, or to get ideas for creating animations to promote your own business.

Stop motion is more popular than ever, so come and have a go!

StopMoGo is set up so that you can stream videos on screen when you have access to WIFI or cellular data. The reason for this is to protect Emma’s video content. Unfortunately, allowing video downloading also allows people to share Emma’s lesson videos with others for free.

StopMoGo is the result of years of Emma’s hard work – creating, running and refining workshops, together with all the work involved in turning them into online courses. Emma puts a huge amount of work into her workshops and StopMoGo is how she makes a living. Working by herself, StopMoGo has been a labour of love ever since she started it in 2010. Thank you for supporting her efforts.

It’s important to note that StopMoGo is not a big company – it is the sole occupation of one person – Emma. Your satisfaction with StopMoGo workshops is important to her. However, due to the nature of the instant delivery of online products being digital goods delivered via Internet streaming, refunds are not offered. If you have questions, please ask before purchasing.

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