Do you love Wallace & Gromit, Morph, Pingu, Ooglies?

Want to make your own stop motion films and get some new ideas?

These stop motion animation online workshops and Zoom classes are specially designed for children. Develop skills with short fun activities, a range of techniques & interesting themes.



Halloween & Día de Muertos

Stop motion Zoom class for kids 6-11 yrs

3 day workshop

19 – 21 October 2020, 10am-2pm, £175

Make spine-tingling stop motion animation films this half-term. At this 3 day workshop a ghoulish range of spooky 2D, 3D and model making activities await!

We will also be making an animated Halloween card that you can send to your friends. Plus, creating animations to celebrate Día de Muertos.

Materials, Puppets & Props posted to your door *

A fantastic pack of materials will be sent to your door including plasticine, silk clay, beads, stickers, pipe cleaners, polystyrene balls, blu-tack, brads, wire, handmade puppets and props…and more!

Bonfire Night

Stop motion Zoom class for kids 6-11 yrs

1 day workshop

22 October 2020, 10am-2pm, £60

There will be plenty of ‘Oohs’ and ‘Ahhs’ from the stop motion films you make at this workshop! You’ll create some stop motion magic by animating a spectacular firework display, sparklers, toffee apples, and a bonfire. You’ll also do some model making and create your own plasticine person.

Materials, Puppets & Props posted to your door *

A special pack of materials will be sent to your door including plasticine, beads, gems, wire, magnets, blu-tack, mini LED light, handmade puppets and props.

* For postage to U.K. address. If booking outside U.K., please contact me for additional P&P cost

It is important to try to keep the camera still while shooting. In these classes we will be doing both 2D and 3D animation – the former requires the camera to be overhead.

For my tips on stabilising your tablet or phone, see my blog post here.

When you enroll I will send you a list of the weekly activities (2D or 3D) so that you can have your set up ready for when the session begins.

A device with the Stop Motion pro app is required to complete the basic animations in this course. Download the Stop Motion App by Cateater The Pro £4.99 version what is used in class and highly recommended. It allows you to make films with music, graphics and sound effects. The free version is fine to start with.

Please download the free (or Pro version) of Stop Motion Studio on your tablet or phone prior to joining the Zoom class. Students will need to use two separate devices during class, an ipad or phone with the free Stop Motion Studio app downloaded, and a laptop or second device that can run Zoom video conferencing. Students should come to class with required materials for that week (which will be posted to you).

This is an online class. In order to attend online classes, students must be able to attend the class via Zoom. You do not need to download the program to join for classes.

You will be sent a link to the class 24 hours before the class begins – it is unique and cannot be shared. Please keep the link somewhere you can easily access it throughout the entirety of your class.

All online classes are recorded so that if you miss a class, you may request a class recording. Class recordings will be made available up to fourteen days after the session concludes.

Students are not permitted to monetise online class recordings in any way. Please do not share class recordings on social media or other websites.

Emma will do her best to support all students with problem-solving technology, but is not responsible for a student’s malfunctioning equipment or internet.

Can I book individual sessions?

Booking is for the whole course only.

If you are booking after the first dates have passed, you will only pay for the remaining sessions (if places are still available).

In order to receive the course materials in the post in time, you must book at least 5 days before the next session.

How are classes run?

In each session Emma will explain the activity, do a demo, answer questions and see that everyone is ready to get going and to continue animating after the session has ended.

The classes will be run through Zoom and a link will be provided before the start of the class. The final session will give everyone a chance to showcase their creations in a film premiere.

In order to keep the price low and to avoid passing on additional costs to you, each session will be 40 mins (the max time Zoom allows on the free plan).

What will I need?

Students will need to be logged in to Zoom via a computer/mobile device. Students will also need access to a smartphone or tablet with the Stop Motion Studio app installed. There is a free version which will work fine, but as it has limited functionality I recommend the Pro version as it will make your work easier and higher quality.

Do you accept childcare vouchers or equiv?

Sorry, no.

My child cannot attend on the day for their age, can they join another day?

Please contact me before booking.

Plenty of opportunities for children (and adults!) to be entertained and learn something too!
Education Officer, Oxford Museum of Science
I was really impressed by all the preparation you had done and the careful thought you’d put into how the children would participate.
There was lots of chat about it after and ‘best workshop ever!’ comments. I agree!