A selection of animations I've made

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Alice & Crow

This animation is based on my memories of two cats I grew up with. Crow really was quite a character, and not just because of his three legs and the bizarre food he liked.

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Rad Cam

A stop motion assemblage of my favourite building in Oxford, The Radcliffe Camera.

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Hot House

My film for Tatty Devine, inspired by their tropical ‘Hot House’ jewellery collection.

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I made this as an interactive story for Youtube where you get to choose the ending – here you can see all 3 endings.

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The Animated Tea Party

A celebratory ‘Alice in Wonderand’ public event I ran at the History of Science Museum, Oxford. Props, costumes, direction & production by Emma Dougherty (a.k.a. Alice & the March Hare!

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Film Something Funny for Money

A public event I ran for Comic Relief in my favourite square in Oxford – look out for the cake of the Radcliffe Camera I made!

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