Wellies | A social media ad created for my online workshops.

Alice & Crow | A short film about two cats I grew up with

Hot House | Tatty Devine Jewellery

Pirates | Choose your ending!

Mr Whippy | Oh, hello!

Happy Birthday from Frasier | One of my fav shows

Green | Whiteboard animation for my logo

Playful Pressies| Presents come to life!

Rad Cam| Animated assemblage of my fav building in Oxford

Bits & Bobs | Fun with small items

The Water Cycle | Influenced by time as a teacher

Emma the Amazing Knife Thrower & her Stripey Sidekick

Toys | Instructional video with me presenting

Ice Lollies | Promo for my summer workshops

Pumpkins | Promo for my Halloween workshops

Venus Fly Trap | For ‘Mini Beasts of the Jungle’ workshop

Workshop Films